24 februari 2015

Pinhole Landscapes (2)

I live outside a small town at the "Veluwe" in the middle of The Nertherlands. It's a very large area with fields, woods, heather and small streams. Close to my home there are some planes ruled by nature. There is a small stream called "Egelbeek" (= Hedgehog stream) that originates close by and is needed to transport the rain away. Nature's natural transport of water in this area!!

I like to wander around with my panorama pinhole camera and take images along this small stream. I used a 6x18 cm Natasha wooden pinhole camera loaded with expired Fuli RVP 120 roll film (= Velvia 50 ASA slide film). All images are straight scans without any Photoshop adjustments.

(sheep gracing the fields, exposure 40 sec.)

(Egelbeek upstream, exposure 40 sec.)

(Egelbeek, exposure 40 sec.)

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