18 oktober 2012

DIY pinhole camera projects - building your own!

Here are some nice pinhole camera projects. 
Get inspired and get out there!

"Have fun and catch a light beam"
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1) Building a wooden pinhole camera:

PDF on www.popularwoodworking.com

2) The Camera Truck (Okay, he uses lenses, but it is also doable as a lensless camera):

Website: www.cameratruck.net
and Camera truck on youtube

~ photo from Camera truck - (c) Shaun Irving ~

3) Weekend project - Pinhole Panoramic Camera:
PDF panoramic pinhole on makezin.com
and Website: makezine.com

~ drawing of the panoramic camera (c) Ross Orr ~
4) A pinhole camera inside an egg:
the-egg-pinhole-camera on lomography.com
and website: www.francescocapponi.it

~ pinhole egg (c) www.francescocapponi.it ~

5) The Dippold pinhole cameraDownload a plan with instructions and template for a serious cardboard camera:
6) The Battlefield Pinhole Camera – load and expose 3 rolls of films at the same time within one camera:
the-battlefield-camera on lifehacker.com

~ The Battlefield pinhole camera - (c) Steven Monteau ~

7) The Blinky camera kit – designed by two ladies from France and the UK: the blinky camerakit
~ Blinky the pinhole camera - (c) http://blinkythepinholecamera.tumblr.com ~

8) DIY project: “Converting a cheesy focus-free 35mm into a pinhole camera”
plastic pinhole cam on silverbased.org

~ Choosing the right pinhole - (c) silver based.org ~

9) A pinhole camera existing only of photographic paper:
website: www.papercams.com

14 oktober 2012

Pinhole cows with an Agfa Click I

I have rebuild an old Agfa Click I camera into a pinhole camera. I removed the plastic lens and placed the pinhole on the outside of the body but behind the original shutter. This camera and the Agfa Clack can be converted easely into pinhole cameras. The Clack has a slightly curved filmplane and a negative size of 6x9 cm. The Click I has a negative size of 6x6 cm. Both use 120 rollfilm.

I  loaded it with Fuji NPC 160 rollfim and went into the fields on a very hot day for a testdrive. I found some cowes willing to pose for a few pictures. I placed my camera in the field and let the cows come close.
They are very nosy animals....

Exposure time was about 30 seconds on the middle of the day in the full (and hot!!) sun. These were the results:

Check the Pinhole Photography & Cameras Group on LinkedIn for more info on pinhole cameras.