24 februari 2013

Interesting film about Ansel Adams (1957, 20 min.)

I found this interesting film from 1957 about Ansel Adams, telling about his work, on Youtube.

(Ansel Adams standing on his car shooting Large Format)
It's an old 16 mm documentary (in B&W) on Ansel Adams with commentary from Ansel himself. He tells about his practices and views on photography. It's nice to see his equipment, his home and his interests from almost 60 years ago! A small piece of Photography History ;-)

Ansel Adams wrote several books. I would like to mention his trilogy: The Negative, The Camera and The Print. A must read; even if you only use digital cameras! These books are still in print.

(the covers of his trilogy)

One of my favourite quotes from Ansel Adams:

" ... avoiding the common illusions that creativity 
depends on equipment alone ... "
(quote from his book: The Camera)

I have one of the lenses Ansel Adams liked to use: a Kodak Commercial Ektar 10". You can see the lens in the film at 4.00 minutes on his 8x10" camera.

(Kodak Commercial Ektar 10" f:6.3)