23 september 2012

Making dry plate glass negatives with a LF camera

I followed a course in making dry plate negatives (on glass plates) yesterday given by Dutch photographer Norman Post. It's a very nice and old technique.
I made these 2 portraits with this technique:

- Iso = 1 (yes: only one!)
- Exposure time = 1 second
- Apperture = f /4.5
- location = outdoors in the shade.

I used an old Russian large format camera: FKD 13x18 (almost 5x7") with an Industar 215 mm lens and an Industar 300 mm lens.

I'm gonna use this technique with my own FKD 18x24 cm LF camera (almost 8x10") and with my self build wooden pinhole cameras. These glass plate negatives are perfect for contact printing (like cyanotype or gum printing).

See flick.com for my images.

See some of the portraits made by Norman Post (scanned from dry plate negatives).

(photo made by Norman Post)

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14 september 2012

Review of the new ILFORD Pinhole Photography Kit

The new Harman Titan Pinhole Camera Kit (produced by Harman/Ilford) is available now. I read a nice review of this pinhole camera posted on ueberlicht.com.

It's a longer article about the camera and how to use it. They show several good example shots made with the Titan. As soon as I can find a good & cheaper supplier (for The Netherlands) I'm gonna get me one. I already found a box of the Harman Direct Positive photographic paper, but I haven't tested it yet.

Here are the links:
- Article in english     - Article in german

- Harman/Ilford about this camera

Check the Pinhole Photography & Cameras group on LinkedIn for more information about pinhole photography.

(the photos above are taken from the article on ueberlicht.com)

10 september 2012

Creating a ceramic pinhole camera

Steve Irvine makes beautiful ceramic pinhole cameras, just like this one: 

To see more of his cameras, click here:

And if you want to try to make one yourself, here are his instructions for you.