14 september 2012

Review of the new ILFORD Pinhole Photography Kit

The new Harman Titan Pinhole Camera Kit (produced by Harman/Ilford) is available now. I read a nice review of this pinhole camera posted on ueberlicht.com.

It's a longer article about the camera and how to use it. They show several good example shots made with the Titan. As soon as I can find a good & cheaper supplier (for The Netherlands) I'm gonna get me one. I already found a box of the Harman Direct Positive photographic paper, but I haven't tested it yet.

Here are the links:
- Article in english     - Article in german

- Harman/Ilford about this camera

Check the Pinhole Photography & Cameras group on LinkedIn for more information about pinhole photography.

(the photos above are taken from the article on ueberlicht.com)

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