25 mei 2013

Pinhole images for WPPD2013

The Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day was this year on April, 28th (always the last Sunday in April). 
I finally had my three films developed. I used two cameras: an Agfa Click and an old Gevabox. 
(camera: Agfa Click)
(camera: Gevabox 6x9)
I converted both cameras into pinhole cameras myself. The Gevabox is very nice for portrait and landscape images and gives 6x9 cm negatives. The Click has 6x6 cm negatives, a rather short focal length and some nice vignetting (like a trademark) because of the original lens mount. 

I used 120 roll film: Konica PRO 400 and Fuji NPC 160. All films had standard C-41 developing in a lab.

Here are the images, which one do you like best?

Agfa Click series with Konica PRO 400: 
(image # 1)
(image # 2)
(image # 3)

Gevabox series with Fuji NPC 160:

(image # 4)
(image # 5)
(image # 6)
(image # 7)

Gevabox series with Konica PRO 400:
(image # 8)
(Image # 9)

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