20 maart 2013

What is your favorite or most influential photography book?

I was asked this question in a Linkedin phtotography group. This is my answer:

1) The Ansel Adams trilogy: The Negative, The Camera & The Print. (Even if you only use a digital camera, read these books!) 

(the three books by Ansel Adams)

2) Domestic Landscapes by Bert Teunissen.
(book cover of Domestic Landscapes)

See: www.bertteunissen.com for his beautiful series of images from all over Europe: 

(photo: Beuningen # 1 - by Bert Teunissen)

I saw his pictures in a museum in Amsterdam in 2007 and bought the book.

It inspired me to make a "domestic landscape" portrait of my parents and it's the best portrait I have of them.

3) Barry Thornton - Edge of Darkness. I haven't read this book yet, but it is in the mail to me from the UK right now.

I've heard a lot about Barry Thornton and I'm looking forward to reading his book myself.
(book cover of Edge of Darkness)

4) William Crawford - The Keepers Of Light. This is the "standard work" about alternate early photographic processes, like cyanotype, carbon printing, gum printing, bromoil, Van Dyke Brown, salt printing, albuminen, etc.

(book cover of The Keepers Of Light)

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