4 november 2012

My first pinhole image ever (2001)

This is the very first pinhole image I have made in my backyard in 2001:
(my vert first pinhole image)

I had build me my first wooden pinhole camera and loaded it with Ilford photographic paper. Exposure time was 30 seconds. The camera is made of Afzelia wood, size 11 x 11 x 11 cm. The negative size is 10 x 10 cm. The pinhole was made out of a soda can (pinhole size 0,3 mm). I had a lot of fun building it. And I was very pleased that my first test shot (picture above) was a success. The beginning of a pinhole camera building career ;-)

(my daughter standing still for 30 seconds)
This is an image of my daughter (3 years old) trying to hold still for 30 seconds in June 2003 (paper negative). This test shot was made with an old Gevabox from 1951, I converted into a pinhole camera. Negative size 6x9 cm on 120 rollfilm Kodak Tri-X.

(the original Gevabox model from 1951)

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